Following Hurricane Matthew that devastated southern Haiti, we made a promise to Baraderes that 1804 Institute will come back to rebuild a self-sustaining village where they have to worry about hurricane and its aftermath no more.

!!!We are now ready to come back and make good on our promises!!!

Please help us rebuild Baraderes and bring HOPE & JOY to its 40,000 people. You won't regret you did. In the coming days we will be posting more information about what we are specifically doing in Baraderes. Visit us often.

 Policy Research: The Diaspora Barometer

The World Bank reported that over 80% of Haiti’s poor live in rural areas. The further away from urban centers and Port-au-Prince one may travel, the more poverty and desolation one would encounter. In fact, for decades, Haitians have been migrating in masses to cities already overcrowded, leaving behind land and other important resources that can be utilized to stimulate the redevelopment of the country. There is no accurate reporting and statistics as to what is left behind, and although local government and NGOs have expressed great interests on decentralization and revitalization of these rural areas no significant implementation works have been done in regards to make this a reality in the next decade. If Haiti has to become an emerging nation by 2030, it needs to start by developing its rural areas. Read more....

Thank You son Excellence, Dr. Stephanie Auguste, MD, PhD, Ministre des Haïtiens Vivant à l’Etranger for the Invitation to participate at "La Journée Nationale de la Diaspora Haïtienne"._

                                                                                                    Prospere Charles, PhD

Dear Friends of Haiti

               Every year since 2010, usually in Christmas's time, 1804 Institute donates something of extreme value to a selected community in Southern Haiti. The donation is based on a need-assessment conducted by our Executive-Director, Dr Prospere Charles, or by evaluating requests received from community's leaders, grassroots organizations, or local government officials in Haiti. 

This year 1804 Institute will be donating a: 


to the community of Petit-Goave. If you would like to donate towards this goal, please


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