Our Mission

1804 Institute wants to eliminate poverty and exploitations worldwide by working with marginalized communities to build their own socioeconomic agendas and transform their destiny.

They were change agents. They stood for living with dignity and respect. They stood for humanity. We will never forget these men and women who transcended themselves to impact our world. 

Our Areas of Expertise

Community & Institutions Building

Public policy research, analysis and implementation

Electoral systems and democracy

Public health and community outreach

Advocacy and social welfare

Transparency and accountability in public institutions

​Education and community empowerment.

Cultural exchanges inter- Caribbean nations

Poverty alleviation

Who we are

Our Inspirations

What are we doing

Supporting grassroots organizations through policy research and analysis of current politics and social trends

Supporting sound public policies through evidence-based research and proven practices

Promoting Transparency and Accountability in public institutions, designing methodologies to train public servants on scientific managerial techniques 

Building local capacity through implementation of best practices and shared values

Promoting collaborations, cultural and academic exchanges​​

1804 Institute is a partner in community and institutions building in marginalized regions. We do social research, program designs, advocacy and project's implementation with consideration of internationally accepted best practices, local community inputs and local capacity building. 1804 Institute focuses its activities primarily on Haiti and the Caribbean, but also works on issues impacting minorities worldwide. 1804 Institute works in collaboration with governments, local and international organizations, universities and partners across the globe to effect positive socioeconomic changes in marginalized communities everywhere.

We have a simple mission: 

To support socioeconomic policies and practices based on scientific research that integrate local communities' needs

1804 Institute
Breaking Barriers for Black People Everywhere